From its vantage point high on Goa Gong Hill, across the calm waters of Benoa Harbour to the nearby white sands of Jimbaran Bay, all the way along the southern plains to Bali's majestic volcanoes and stretching to the distant peaks of East Java, Villa Sky House offers the most spectacular vistas of Bali anywhere on the island. And it's not just nature; rising to the side of the villa at the nearby GWK Park is the giant head of the Hindu god Vishnu, looking down with his protective gaze.

Villa Sky House - Roof-Top Sky Lounge
Villa Sky House - Balcony With a View
Villa Sky House - Roof-Top Bale Gazebo - Jimbaran Hills
Villa Sky House - View from the Bedroom to Jimbaran Bay

As darkness falls the villa takes on a magical quality of sparkle and serenity as a twinkling sea of lights rolls in on the island before you. Highways, hotels, and villages light up the night and the airport runway jutting out to sea offers the mesmerising sight of planes taking off and landing just a few kilometres away. Rise early to see the sun come up over distant Nusa Penida Island or sip evening cocktails from the vantage point of the villa terrace and watch the sun slowly sink into the Indian Ocean in a blaze of yellows, pinks and reds.

This is life as it was intended to be lived.