We have a beautiful white sand beach located 7 minutes away from the villa. The asphalt road will lead you via the dramatic black stone canyon to the hidden valley which is facing a coral-protected lagoon and beach. The Balinese sea farmers are still growing seaweed, as they have done so for hundreds of years in this area. Part of the beach is designated for local citizens and tourists to enjoy the sun and the sea while observing the activities of this ancient food production now used as raw material for hi-class cosmetics.

There is a little cafe where you can purchase ice-cold beer and soft drinks, order delicious local meals or grilled seafood. You can also rent sun-loungers and umbrellas. At low tide you can walk a few kilometers by the beach bordered by 80-meters high cliff that Is facing the turquoise waters of the Indian ocean.

These cliffs are also a very popular place for paragliders. You can contact the Bali Paraglider's Association and fly like a bird in tandem or take a 2-days course and feel total freedom gliding in the skies solo. If you are lucky enough you may see a wandering whale who will send you his fountaining greeting.